Guide to Automobile Insurance Savings


Your auto insurance premium is not the same as your friend from high school. There are many factors that differentiate you from other drivers of your age, gender and background. If you ever wondered why you are paying less or more than them you should look at the discounts.

Base rates are set by the companies for drivers of similar age group, gender and driving experience. Then, the personal details and circumstances come into play to make yours lower or higher than the average guy. There is no guarantee that you will always get discounts. Sometimes you can get surcharges as well. Actually, you can get discounts and surcharges in the same time.

These topics are disccussed extensively on this auto insurance forum. You either read articles as a guest or become a member. You don’t have to pay for any membership fees on this forum. You can ask questions or read articles. Everybody is welcome regardless of experience or knowledge.

You would try to increase the discounts and avoid surcharges in order to achieve cheap car insurance quotes. Knowing a little about them can prepare you to make the most of them at your next renewal. Here are some of the discounts you can qualify for.

Good Driving History: These are the savings offered for not making claims and picking traffic moving violation tickets. It could be anywhere between ten to forty percent depending on years of no claim and experience as well as the company insuring.

Good Student Discounts: You can start claiming them from the moment you buy your first auto insurance as long as you have good grades at college. A ten percent discount on teenage premiums can mean at least couple of hundred dollars.

Safe Automobile Discounts: A good discount that most people can take advantage of. It is based on the safety features your car have. Some cars are more protective of its passengers and they do not cause as much harm to others in case of accidents. This is one of the discounts you can still have while you are getting surcharges for other reasons.

Good Credit Scores: Having financial stability does affect your premiums. Companies and state authorities agree that there is a relation between financial position and chance of making a claim. Having a great credit score can qualify people for lower rates.

Others: Drivers can get all sorts of discounts for having and not having or for staying or going. You can get either loyalty discounts from some companies for being with them for at least three years or get savings for switching to a new provider. You can save money when you are married or homeowner. You can save money by excluding other drivers from your policy.

If you are finding it tough to find lower premiums you should look at how you can save money on your policy. Even for asking a little relief your agent may dig deeper and find something for you. For example, by paying full premium at once at the start can save you five percent.

Remember that discounts are not offered equally by every auto insurer. While some of them are very generous others may not offer any discounts at all. You should shop around for the best deals all the time. You can get the largest discounts by getting several auto insurance quotes and comparing them.


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